#Review: Make Up Brush Cleaner

Tuesday, November 12, 2019

I saw this as an ad somewhere and thought I need this. Yup, i'm a cliche the ad worked on me. Anything that makes cleaning faster I am all in. I tried it out and I am in love. There are some issues but overall I love it. 

The brush if it's a size that fits into the holder goes in easily, you add a little bit of water and I used baby shampoo as it's super gentle you can use any soap you normally use for your brushes. 

As you can see the brush spins in the bowl and you don't need a lot of water just enough to cover the bristles, so you don't spray water everywhere and it remains contained in the bowl. 

Once you have cleaned the brush, dump the water add in fresh water with no soap. Spin the brush in the water, it should be clear. 

Final step spin the brush above the water and it should dry fairly quickly. This is the best part of the whole thing, you can now use your brush immediately because it's both clean and DRY!! You don't have to wait a day it's so worth it. Especially because it is so affordable. 

One draw back is the holders are not really good for sizes that are out of the ordinary and it's not good for double sided brushes, which I have a lot of to save money but putting the end with a brush on the end wrecks the bristles so I wouldn't suggest using it on those. I'm not sure if you can find other size holders but if I find any I will update you here. 

Would you try this make up brush cleaner or would to stick to traditional methods?

I would love to know what you think.