#Review: Yeti Travel Mug

Tuesday, January 14, 2020

I thought this mug was over priced for no reason. I did not feed into the hype, but once I got one. I mean I'm all in!! I'm drinking the kool aid, i'm on the Yeti train, it is amazing. I do have some things I would change but overall I love it.

The Pros:
  1. This is a big one it keeps my coffee hot/warm for longer. I was using a Starbucks mug and while it's great and the price is better my mid morning my coffee would be cold and I would never finish it. At work I have meetings, and places to go so it helps to have my coffee stay warmer for longer because I want to finish my coffee, it flows through my veins. 
  2. I love the size I have the 20 oz mug and it's the perfect amount for me to get my coffee intake every morning. I've cut down to one mug a day and this is just the right amount. 

The Cons:
  1. It is bulky to hold and the outside is slippery. It would be nice if it came with a silicone sleeve so you have something sturdier to grip onto. I find when i'm going from meeting to meeting that it's a bit bulky and slippery to juggle with my keys, laptop and phone. Especially on days when I don't have a pocket it makes it super difficult. I know first world problems but still. 
  2. I have the new magnetic lid which is a big improvement over the original but there are still issues. Like today it was freezing cold out and I had no hands so I put it in my lunch bag and it fell over and I didn't notice so there was coffee everywhere. The point of this is in my Starbucks mug this would not be an issue the closure is secure. 

A side note I did manage to find a silicone sleeve off of Amazon that I think will fit so I will update you here if it does in fact fit and a link to the product. 

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