I Challenge You to #PlankTheCurve

Saturday, April 18, 2020

At times like this - best we can do is help in any ways we can, use our social media presence and blogs to help charities and organizations that need all the help now.
I recently had the pleasure to join the movement to #PlankTheCurve with Covenant Foundation.  Covenant Foundation works with donors to support thousands of patients and residents in 20 facilities across the province, including acute care hospitals and continuing care homes. From funding leading-edge equipment for premature babies to funding recreational programs to help more seniors age with dignity and independence, donors to Covenant Foundation are creating a stronger health care system. Right now we are working with the Covenant family of facilities to determine their areas of greatest need during COVID-19.
Join the challenge here - to your own version of the plank, and invite others to join the #PlankTheCurveChallenge and donate if they can: DONATE/JOIN CHALLENGE HERE

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