Relationship Mistakes to Avoid and 3 Pieces of Advice

Wednesday, April 1, 2020

What is the best relationship advice you have ever received? Regardless if you are in a long term relationship or just dating things can tricky. Most relationships come with some challenges and some red flags, you hopefully pick up before it’s too late. Hopefully most of us walk away from big issues like, verbal or physical abuse; and in other cases learn to recognize the small things and make improvements from there since all relationships involve learning and growing.

Today we are sharing what is the best relationship advice we ever got and one big relationship mistake to avoid.  So here are three tidbits of what we have learned from our relationships:


No one is perfect, but you should find the person whose imperfections are perfectly acceptable to you.

Don't let things go in the beginning stages of the relationship, because once you set an expectation it won't change. E.g. if you love Valentine's Day then let that be known from the beginning and don't be okay with it if he does nothing because then he will never do anything.

My mom once said – 6 months is the time frame when the "real person" comes out. If there's an act or extra things the person is doing to impress you, on average, 6 months is when the person you are actually starts to really show. There was only one person that remained the same for our entire relationship and it was well over 6 months.
Avoid going through your partners phone or computer history. It becomes a habit and breeds mistrust. If you think it's something you NEED to do, you aren't in a relationship with a foundation of trust and probably won't work anyways.

Never go to bed mad. Everyone has fights and disagreements; talk it out and resolve it before you go to bed.
Never go into a relationship expecting anyone to change; trying to change the other person doesn't work. Take a step back and look at why you fell in love/like with this person in the first place. Everyone is different, and unique and as tempting as it might be, if you try and change anyone to be different, it will only cause friction.
What is the best advise regarding relationships you ever got? We'd love to hear from you.

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