#Review: Goodfood Subscription Box

Tuesday, April 14, 2020

We like everyone else around the world are living in strange times, we are told not to go out unless necessary. Not to see family or friends and keep physical distancing as much as possible. With so many people out of work and business struggling, we decided to try out another subscription box instead of going to the grocery store. We tried Goodfood and here are our thoughts. 


1. I like the variety of recipes but since I don't eat pork or beef i'm a little limited in my choices. I would love if I could get the beef option and substitute chicken but i'm sure no one is as high maintenance as me. I might put this in the suggestion section. 

2. Quality ingredients, now I know all the food subscription boxes give quality ingredients but I found with Hello Fresh sometimes the food would go bad sooner or there would be more bad bits to cut out. 
3. As with any subscription box, there is the convenience of getting a box on a schedule and they give enough time for you to trade out recipes. 

4. I'm not sure if other boxes have this option but I was able to customize my dietary preferences so I could exclude pork and beef and then the options chosen for the next week wouldn't have pork or beef as one of the predetermined options.

5. You can skip the week easily and they send you a warning email or text if you subscribe to warn you when it's coming to the last day to skip. They also make it super easy to deactivate your account which I appreciate. I don't like jumping through hoops just to unsubscribe to something. You can also reopen your account just as easily.   

1. The portions are small, I know we shouldn't be eating too much but compared to Hello Fresh the portions are a lot smaller especially for the price. Hello Fresh gives you more for less money. 

2. Price, I got my first box for free from a code I got from a friend so I didn't pay too much attention to the price. When I didn't skip the next week and got the confirmation, the price was about $20 more than Hello Fresh and while I like the recipes I don't like then enough to pay $20 more for less food. 

3. I don't like that you have to email them to cancel your subscription. With Hello Fresh it's super easy you just click a button. I don't like subscription services that make cancelling hard it doesn't deter me from cancelling it just annoys me and makes me not want to sign up again once I've cancelled.

What are you making during quarantine?