5 of The Best Movies Based on Books

Tuesday, June 16, 2020

I love reading, and I love movies. I am always curious to watch movies based on books I have read. On a side not ALWAYS read the book first. There are hundreds of movies based on books, many classics that are a must see, but here are the five of best movies done in last couple of years, in no particular order, according to me:

The book was good, but this movie hit me in the feels. Go see this!

This might be on of my new favourites. I loved the book but the cast, the acting, this film is simply spectacular! 

This might have been a hit or a miss depending on who you aks but I highly enjoyed it. The book was good, inspired by true events and the acting was magnificent. 

Loved the book, loved the movie. Watched it 3 times, read it twice. Its funny, its entertainment and acting is so amazeballs.

ROMCOMS FOR THE WIN! Don't at me with your hate on romcoms. I loved this book I read it in one sitting, the movie is great and cute. 

What are your favourite book to movie adaptations?

Read the books before you watch these movies: