How to Update Your Old Sandals

Thursday, June 18, 2020

I love shoes, I think you all know that about me by now. Sadly, I m fairly hard on my shoes, so they end up getting damaged, or broken. I m on operation don't-buy-more-(ANY)-things and being in love with all my shoes, I couldn't just throw them away. So I decided to DIY and update my old scratched and worn sandals.
Its fairly simple  - you will need tacky glue, material of choice, and scissor.
Clean heels, make sure they are dry.

Cut the pieces slightly larger than you think you will need (its always easier to cut the fabric down than realize you are short once you started gluing it).
For the heel - I started at the back on top and glue done the center. From there I followed the curve of the heel it and cut the pieces (on a slant), applied glue and folded over.
For the toe part - I measured the length and abut a centimetre more width wise so I can fold over the fabric.