Must Have Blogging Tools and Gadgets

Tuesday, July 28, 2020

Being a blogger is kind of like running a business. You need tools and gadgets to make the blog run - other than the obvious like laptop, camera, smart phone and SEO comparable blog there are few tools that make being a blogger easier and more effective.
A Ring Light.
If you are shooting any kind of videos or photos indoors and close up, a ring light is absolutely necessary. A ring light is a simple lighting tool that is commonly used for beauty shots, portraits, and macro photography. My ring light changes colors to adjust for best light, came with a tripod and is compatible with my phone.

If you are taking time to write things - you should get someone to check your work, and grammarly is the easiest way to do that. The free version contains most of the features of Grammarly Premium apart from an advanced grammar checker, a plagiarism detector and some vocabulary enhancement suggestions. In other words, the free version of Grammarly is ideal for writers and bloggers with a minimal budget for writing tool.

If you are adding graphics to anything you need Canva. Its super easy to use and they have a template for all social media platforms. 

Gorillapod or Tripod and Camera timer/clicker.
I live alone, and while I usually have a photographer during quarantine that without a tripod I would have ZERO photos for #OOTD.  A tripod is used to stabilize and elevate a camera but also make a great photographer in conjunction with a timer and a clicker.

You heard me rave about this before but honestly it's been a game changer for me - Tailwind save time scheduling to Pinterest and Instagram, and because its setting is to post at the best times for engagement I noticed increase in engagement an traffic in the first month.

Photo editing tools
This kind of goes hand in hand with Canva but there is nothing worse than poorly edited or blurry photos on blogs and social media. Why would you spend time capturing anything when you gonna post it a in wrong format b blurry unedited or compromised. Get good at editing - there are ton of free apps and some that cost almost nothing. 

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