2-in-1 Hair Curlers & Straightening Iron Hair Styling Tool Review

Thursday, January 21, 2021

I am going to be honest, I m clueless when it comes to most things to do with beauty – I cant do my make up other than the basics, I cant braid my hair and curling my hair has always been a challenge. My sister, knowing this hooked me up with this rather magical tool. A 2 in 1 straighter and hair curler, I m using it to curling my hair and haven’t used it for straighten my hair.

It is fairly easy to use (and me saying this should say something) and its fairly light. Its also so pretty (because all things gold are), comes with titanium plate technology and it heats up very quickly. I haven’t used the glove yet but since it does get very hot, its possibly a smart move. 

How to curl your hair (it does come with directions, but this is what I follow):

  • Separate your hair in parts (easier to do that way).
  • Take about an inch of hair, place it in flat part and flip up and pull down.
  • Hold the handle of iron and tip 45 degree pointed in toward your head.
  • And repeat. 

My hair generally does not hold a curl, but using this my hair held the curls  the whole day and this sis without hair spray. My first couple of times I had kinks in my hair, my curls were uneven but after a little practice I think I have it figured out!