Vishine UV LED Nail Lamp Gel Nail Kit Review

Thursday, January 7, 2021

In 2020 due to lockdown, or multiple lockdowns or quarantines in my city I purchased obscene number of things. I know I m prob not the only one, so I wanted to review a few things that I loved and few not so much loved. I used to get a pedicure and manicure done once a month but since COVID all the salons were closed.

So I got this nail kit, and OMG it has been a life saver! 

The package comes loaded with everything you need:
Gel Nail Polish x 6
40W Nail Lamp x1
Top Coat x1
Base Coat x1
Top Coat x1
Base Coat x1
Nail File x1
Nail Buffer x1(Washable and Disinfectable)
Nail Brush x1
Cuticle Fork x1
Dotting Pen x1
Cuticle Pusher x1
Nail Separators x2
Revitalizing Nail x1
French stickers x 2 sheets (various designs)
Striping Tape x2 (color gold and silver)

The first time I did my nails it lasted for about two weeks, but I think that is more from a user error not because the color couldn’t last longer without chipping. Its super easy to use: you have to lightly buff the natural nail, use alcohol to dehydrate the nail, and apply base, cure it, color of choice, cure it, color again, cure it and finish it with a top coat and cure it.