WARNING - Read this before signing up with Shaw Academy

Saturday, January 30, 2021

 Back in Dec 2019 I wrote about a Shaw Academy course I was taking***. The course was given to me for free and when I was staring out I highly enjoyed it. BUT that's where the good parts end.

After about a month of doing my course I got charged for "note" and something else that was extra. I didn't want or agree to that and never received a refund after I contacted them multiple times. The worst part, I also never got the notes/workbook either. 

Fast forward to end of my free trail, I canceled two months before the renewal date, and Shaw Academy charged me for another year. 

I contacted them to ask about refund and try to clear that up and NOONE got back to me. I logged into my accounts today, only to see that my account is still ACTIVE and even after going through the cancelation again, my account is still active. 

If you are looking to take courses, further your education, please do your research and if you can help it, DO NOT use Shaw Academy.

If any of you signed up, I apologize for putting you in that situation. 

***The original post was deleted