Simple Farmhouse Inspired Window Treatment

Thursday, March 4, 2021

When I got my condo it came standard with very simple, boring boxy looking blinds. I wanted to change it but because my condo is new it would have to be without any modification to walls etc. for the first year.

When I bought my home, I had NO clue how expensive window treatments could be, like why are rods like 50 bucks, why are all the curtains I like 30 dollars per one (not even a set??). This transformation cost 25 dollars all in. I absolutely love the farm style inspired windows so I picked up some sticky tags and sheer curtains and got to work.
What you will need:
Command Utility Hooks, sheet curtains, white string.

I purchased the command hooks at Walmart and got two boxes for $4.99 each. The curtains are also from Walmart and were on sale for $12.99

First I took of the cover as it was bulky, and than measured the width of the curtain hook/loops.
I places the adhesive tracks and hang the curtain.
I started on each end of the window and once I came to the middle the curtains would over lap, that way creating more of a farm inspired feel.

I used a the command utility hooks on the side and used a white siring that I have looped so I can keep the curtains open.



What do you guys think?


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