Small Storage and Laundry Room Make-Over + #tipsandtricks

Tuesday, April 27, 2021

If you ever lived in an apartment where you do not have in suite laundry, you know how much value a laundry room is. My condo is small, and like any small space, a small laundry room presents certain storage dilemmas and making it functional.
This is the before. No storage no shelfs, just the stackable washer and dryer. This room also doubles as my storage room as its the only other place in my apartment I have for any extra storage. So I went on a search of how to maximize this space.

 It’s vital to have a place for everything (from detergent to dryer sheets, place to air dry clothes etc).  In a perfect world you would wanna install some sort of a laundry cabinet around your washer and dryer and enclose it as it would like more polished and clean but because mines is stackable that wasn't possible. (The wiring and pipes behind the stackable unit need to remain clear of debris/and open as it needs to be ventilated properly) 

In order to maximize any small space you need to add additional shelving, racks and cabinets. My parents purchased a pantry cabinet for me, and that is what kicked off the process.

I added a wire rack that gives me additional storage, but I can also hang my clothes to try. I added shelving as extra storage and a way to keep things organized.

Doing it this way allows for more space and storage too (like my golf clubs or bike).