Outdoor Summer Date Ideas

Thursday, June 17, 2021

Maybe it's just me but after the fourteen months we have had I want to go on dates worthy of a Hallmark movie. According to a books and movies, the Summer is the season of love. Longer days, warmer weather, and lots of places to go and things to do – so I rounded up a few fun date ideas for you:

Catch an outdoor movie or a concert.
Some local parks and community centers play outdoor movies during the summer months, but if they don’t rent a projector (or get this one) and set up an outdoor movie outside. With warmer weather (and restrictions lifting) there will be outdoor concerts so head out to that.

Grab drinks at a rooftop or a cool patio.
Make the most of patio rooftop season while it's here (especially in Alberta since out weather is SO unpredictable!). There's nothing more romantic than the ambiance of city lights as the sun goes down. My favourites in #YEG: El Cortez, Fairmont Hotel Macdonald, CafĂ© Bicyclette, The Black Dog Freehouse.

Keep it simple with a picnic in the park.
Head to the park and enjoy small bites and sunshine in the cool grass. You cant go wrong with a picnic date with a charcuterie board filled with meats, cheeses, and vino. Edmonton has been great for being able to get pre made charcuterie board, so check out Art of Charcuterie and Italian Centre. Instagram is great source for smaller creators that also make killer boards.

Spend a day pool or lake side.
Head to your backyard or a local pool for the day or near by lake and enjoy. Lounge by the water, work on your tan, and enjoy each other's company outside. If you are in Alberta - Sylvan Lake, Oliver Pool, Borden Natural Swimming Pool or Horseshoe Lake.

Get active with your favorite sport.
Play grass volleyball together in a park. Play soccer or badminton. Little competition never hurt anyone… so challenge each and losers buys brunch. 

Go for a hike.
We are so lucky in Alberta to live so close to the mountains but if you don’t want to drive that far check out local near by parks and take on the great outdoors with your significant other by finding a hiking trail near you.

Take an outdoor fitness class.
Shared physical activity is beneficial to romantic relationships—emotionally and physical or so they say.