5 Fashion Items For City Living

Tuesday, July 27, 2021

 What you choose to wear most likely reflects where you live. If you live in the countryside, you are likely drawn to boots and cozy jackets to ensure you are comfortable. Whereas city livers opt for trainers and more structured pieces to suit the architecture and the commutes. If you live in the city and want to master your wardrobe to be city-appropriate, here are 5 fashion items you need. 

Image by Free-Photos from Pixabay 

Utility style jackets

If you are into classic wear that is city-appropriate, then you might want to invest in engineered garments. These will heighten your style and make you look the part no matter what city you are in.

Engineered garments consist of utility jackets, which are versatile and comfortable. They often include pockets, which are easy if you don’t want to carry a bag yet still need your travel card, wallet, and phone. They are super easy to style with any look to smarten it or make it more casual. 

Comfortable black trainers

A comfortable trainer is key when you live in the city. On daily commutes, you might not always find a seat. Thus, you will spend a lot of extra time on your feet. Trainers are the best shoe to wear when you are spending a lot of time walking around. 

Finding a trainer to pair with any city outfit can be a challenge. However, a black trainer is likely to be the best option. These are neutral in color, which makes them easy to pair with any outfit. They can be worn in combination with suits, jeans, shorts, or dresses. They are ideal for any weather and are likely to last longer as they won’t show dirt. 


A belt is an essential item to make your trousers and dresses fit better. When you live in the city, life is more of a rush. You will likely spend a lot of time walking around and going to and from different settings. You won’t want to be fixing your outfit every 5 minutes. 

Thus, investing in a belt will make your clothing fit better, stay in place, and look smarter. Adding a belt can accentuate your figure and make clothes fit so much better. 


Dashing around the city will likely involve you needing to carry multiple things. A pocket is enough for cards and a phone, but not your diary, keys, and water bottles. 

A backpack is the best type of bag to have for city living. You can have it on your back and not have to worry about holding it. They are often very spacious so that you can carry around multiple things. Plus, they can be paired with any outfit to make it city-appropriate. 


Jeans are a great item to have as they are very versatile and easy to smarten up or make casual. You can wear jeans for multiple occasions and stay comfortable all day. 

If you want to master your wardrobe, having jeans in various colors will make getting dressed easy. You will always have a pair to suit your outfit and always be comfortable for a day in the city.