Ways To Bring Metal Into Your Outfit

Friday, July 23, 2021


Men have lots of metal in their outfits. They were belt buckles, cufflinks, tie bars, as well as shirt buttons being made out of stainless steel. Women on the other hand, tend to only wear metal when it comes to jewelry. Even then, it's not about the metal, it's about the precious stones or the shape and design of the accessory. Metal, unfortunately, seems a little cold, a little too raw and unsophisticated to some women. It's not how you should be approaching metal because it can be made into a very intricate part of your outfit. You just need to know how you could do this.

Start with the buckle

The belt buckle is basically a large open goal for you to score a fashion point in. Women can have more feminine belt buckle shapes, such as in the form of a cat design, a flower, or perhaps an encrusted lettering option. Essentially, making the belt buckle a talking point or perhaps noticeable among your outfit, is the goal. Not to mention, if you have a high-waist pair of jeans or shorts, the buckle is going to stand out even more. 

Earrings but...

Of course one might think that earrings are going to be a boring place to begin experimenting with more metal, but honestly, it's one of the best places. You most likely already have piercings and one more isn’t going to hurt. But, let's not be predictable, let's try a tragus piercing. You can get lots of tragus jewelry at UrbanBodyJewelry.com where they have pieces made of different metals. Pick the titanium if you want something more matte and feel lighter. Gold is obviously a top choice. It's flashy, bold and just a classic look for a forward-facing stud piercing. Or you can go with the silver, steel or rose gold options. There are a lot of ocean blue options if you really want to stand out.

Handbag art

Think of your handbag as a plain canvas, ready to be filled with your own style. You can place lots of different metal pieces on your handbag, such as a studded badge, a punk rock spike stud pattern, or perhaps badges of different places you have visited. Not to mention, you can get faux diamond piercings to sit on the surface or poke through the bag’s side. Rather than a leather strap, why not go for a metal chain strap instead? Pick a fine chain strap that you can hook onto the top to give the bag more rigidity and allow the metal to also play with the natural light. It's going to make your bag look a little more chic and high-end.

Metal is often seen as a little too masculine to implement into your outfit and wider wardrobe. But if you add it creatively, you should not have any issues looking chic, feminine and stylish. Start off with your handbag so if you don’t think it suits you, you can always leave it at home.