Four Things All Successful Women Do On Sunday

Tuesday, September 21, 2021

My life is busy, even tho I m doing WAY less than pre pandemic, by time Sunday rolls around I feel like I don’t wanna do much. I can easily be found binge watching Prime all day or browsing Tiktok. Finding a way to be more productive on Sunday to set yourself up for rest week is the goal. I have read a lot of books and blogs and turns out the most successful women have a Sunday routine that prepares the to conquer their entire week.
Plan your week
Pull up your day timer, iCal, manifestation journal, habit tracker and plan your week ahead. Schedule all things you know about, add gym time, me time, whatever you need that week. I plan my week in my daily planner (still pen to paper kind of girl) and a set up at least one goal I wanna accomplish for the week and make a new weekly habit tracker.

Swap screen time for reading or learning something new
Screen is possibly the most dangerous way to lose your Sunday. Swap screen time for an hour of reading, taking a lesson on linkedin or google academy. It might not be the most fun Sunday things buts its actually good for you. I try and kill two birds with one stone, sport of speak, by listening to an audio book and cleaning my house or meal prepping at the same time.

Clean you home
Usually, I try and keep my house “10 min to gest ready” but since I WFM and not going places that seemed to fall aside. I have accumulated more things, my laundry room was chaos so I started doing cleaning every Sunday – laundry, floors, dusting- everything. Starting off the week with a clean house has been uplifting and made the week a little less heavy.

Meal prep
I will be the first to admit, this is the HARDEST part for me. I don’t like meal prep, I m not a huge fan of having the same things for few days in a row SO, I got this book and meal prepped just my lunches. This not only did it force me to eat a little healthier but also save money. Yes, I work from home but I was using food delivery so much that it was totally effecting my budget.

How do you plan the week ahead?