Letters to LA LA Land, lately

Thursday, October 21, 2021

Dear friends and readers, 

I have been at this for just over two years, there were some ups and some down but mostly good times.  I have learned from you and hopefully you learned something from me and enjoyed my journey.

2020 kicked my ass, like really bad, and 2021 was a little better but honestly, just marginally. All through the pandemic I found it hard to sit down and focus on the blog, and for that I am sorry. The pandemic was a productive, time to reinvent yourself space for many, but for me it was trying to keep my head above water... or at least that what it felt like it.

Earlier in the year I debated even continuing with the blog BUT after an e-mail from one of you, I decided that if this blog helps just one person, changes someone's day, or helps even a little I should keep going. The e-mail talked about an instagram story I shared based on one of the books I wrote about here... all about loss and life, and she was going through stuff and thought to reach out... I responded, I think more shocked to her. Her e-mail saying that my blog post and book recommendation changed her day, and it changed my entire year. Which brings us to today...

Going forward I promise to you all, and myself, to be more consistent, and to share more helpful and useful content. So starting Nov 1st we are gonna change things around here a bit.

I have been hard at work at two new series which I hope you will find helpful. First, practical meals you can make on a budget or with few ingredients; second, a series of DIY's and How to's that you can use or reproduce to make and potentially make money. Sure there is still gonna be fashion and books because I will always be a girl who loves playing dress up and living in (book) LA LA land.

I hope you stay tuned,

love xNermisa