#DIY - Sparkle Resin Earrings

Tuesday, November 23, 2021

I have been having WAY too much fun with creating things, UV resin is amazing and can easily be used to create some AMAZING designs. I got this kit on Amazon and with it you can create a variety of holiday-themed earrings with epoxy resin and real pressed flowers, sprinkles, ribbon etc. Each earring design will be completely unique, and make perfect gift for the holiday season.
What you need:
UV resin + UV Lamp
earing hooks
wrapping ribbon

How to make it:
Pour just enough UV resin into cover the bottom of the mold. Set your UV lamp over the frame and heat for about a minute.

Now, place your beads inside your mold, add more resin to cover the beads and heat for another minute.

Cut a wrapping ribbon in small, place near the bottom, along the edge, of your mold). Add more resin to cover your ribbon as well as the previous layer and heat.

If needed, add a final layer of resin, then heat. If needed, heat for another time cycle or two until your resin is completely cured.


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