#podcastofthemonth - The Girly Girl Podcast Carmen Applegate

Tuesday, January 11, 2022

In 2022 I vowed to myself to read more and to listen to more podcasts. So I am kicking off the year with the Girly Girl podcast. I wanted something light and uplifting and this was totally my aswer. Its targeted at teens and young adults but  Carmen shares relatable stories and real life advice.

"What does FaceTime calls with your BFF, TikTok boy obsessions, and late night drives to see cows (yes, I live in Kentucky) have in common? Highschool. Growing up can be a major struggle, but it just got a whole lot easier. This podcast is your one-stop-shop for everything teen-related— dealing with toxic friends, anxiety, and your first period. Host, Carmen Applegate, shares her best tips and advice for how you can survive your teen years. Think of her as your new fairy godmother… she’s about to Cinderella the crap out of you. "

What podcast are you listening to?


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