Coconut 3 Ways For A Refreshing Meal

Tuesday, July 5, 2022

National Coconut Day was only a few days ago, on June 26. So, it seems fair to prepare an entire meal to celebrate coconut and raise awareness about its goodness!

Coconut meat has a relatively low amount of carbs and protein. However, it's rich in minerals such as manganese and copper. Copper supports bone and heart health, making it an essential mineral for everyday wellbeing. On the other hand, manganese plays an active role in fat metabolism and enzyme function. 

But that's not all! There's more to coconuts than meets the eye. Coconut meat is high in fibre, covering over 20% of the daily value within only a cup of shredded meat. Its fibre content helps support a healthy digestive process, especially as 97% of Canadians do not get the recommended amount of fibre in their diets. 

Coconut is also a useful ally if you are trying to shed some weight as it promotes fullness, calorie burning and fat burning. 

For individuals who are worried about blood sugar or are in pre-diabetes stages, consuming coconut meat can help regulate blood sugar and lower it naturally. 

Finally, coconuts are full of healthy fat, boosting HDL cholesterol (that's the good. cholesterol) and, therefore, improving your health. Regular consumption of coconut meat may even reduce the risks of heart disease linked to cholesterol. 

So there are plenty of good reasons to dedicate a dinner to the goodness of coconuts!

Unsplash - CC0 Licence

A coconutty drink

Why not kick start the dinner with a creamy, delicious, tropical drink bursting with fresh coconut flavours? If you are looking for inspiration, you can pair coconut with rum, vodka, or tequila. You can go with classic cocktails, such as the refreshing piña colada, mixing white rum with a can of coconut and pineapple juice. But, if you are feeling adventurous, you can add a coconutty spin on a cocktail such as a margarita or a martini. 

Coconut sweetness with spices

There's a reason why Indian and Asian recipes love coconut. You can rely on the rich creaminess of the coconut to take off the heat of the spices, such as in this khao soi noodle soup. The curry paste can feel spicy for those who are not familiar with its flavour. But the recipe uses coconut milk to create a mellow and flavourful broth, removing the worse of the heat to leave only the lovely flavour buildups from the curry soup. 

A moist and sweet slice of coconut square

Nothing like a sweet coconut treat to finish a meal! These delicious coconut squares are gooey, tantalizingly sweet, and refreshing thanks to the combination of lemon peel and coconut meat. It's the perfect sweet pick-me-up without all the dangers of processed sugar and snacks. They are super easy to make, only take a half an hour to prepare. You can whisk a yummy dessert that will bring a satisfying end note to your meal. Bonus point: You might even have enough squares left to enjoy the next day too!

Are you ready for an unforgettable coconut meal? The fresh taste of coconut meat makes it an ideal choice for a supper dinner that will wow your guests... or just to enjoy by yourself! Why share when it's so delicious?