5 Best Self-Care Ideas for Mental and Physical Wellbeing

Thursday, January 5, 2023

It's that time of the year when you might want to re focus, re charge. So here are five of the best self care ideas to try in 2023.

Schedule time to breathe.
Schedule a time to enjoy your favorite hot drink and taker a few deep. Studies suggest that 20 minutes of meditations can lift your mood, prepare for your day and even improve your memory. If you are busy and time is hard to come by, start by making your favourite cup of coffee or tea, and stand outside for 5 minutes just breathing. Work your way up to 20 minutes of medication.

Get outside/get some sun.
We have a running joke that humans are like plants – we need sun, fresh air and water to survive but this totally ring true. Go for a walk, run, open your shades, open your windows, do whatever to get some sun and fresh air. I know we are all busy but get out on your lunch break and walk, go outside and stand on your balcony, find a trail and walk every weekend. Not only will getting outside help your mood, but you can get some steps in too. According to science – getting outside boosts mood, sharpens thinking, and makes you feel calmer and more generous. Time outdoors may also reduce levels of the stress hormone cortisol. If you live in Canada you might experience EXTENDED periods of cold but spending time outdoors in winter can be good for your health.

Pamper yourself.
Do you nails. Have a long ass bath with candles and tea. Do a face mask. Buy a body scrub. Taking even a little time out of your week to do something that will make you feel better and allowing you to slow down is a game changer.

Taking 5 minutes before bed, or 5 minutes in the morning to write things that you are thankful for, things that went well in your day, or set your intention can be a game changer. Your mind is so powerful and getting into practice of positive thinking will help you with stress, anxiety and just over all put you in a better head space. I love this simple journal note book and this habit tracker book.

Declutter and simplify.
There is something about decluttering and simplifying your home, office, car, friends list that does wonders for how you feel. If it does not serve a purpose, help improve tour life get rid of it. Getting rid of things is hard, so create a routine where you take 15-30 minutes and organize one thing – it can be a drawer, a box, show closet and work your way up from there. A friend of mine started taking a photo a area she wanted to clean, set a time for 30 minutes, and worked on her decluttering project, she would take a break or would be done for the day after the time off. Before and after photos and a timer helped build a routine and in 6 months she de cluttered her ENRITE house.