Affordable Summer Date Ideas

Sunday, April 23, 2023

Warmer days are coming and I am so ready for it. The economic climate and year 2023 have been hard on many people but I'm a firm believer that you should never sacrifice quality time because of money. Here are few ideas that cost less than 20 dollars. One of my favourite summer dates is to just grab my boyfriend and go for a long walk with ice coffee or ice-cream, but here are 10 fun, and affordable dates to you can go on this season:

Go on a bike ride together.
There are so many places you can go for bike rides - if you are in Edmonton we are so fortunate to have ton of parks to explore. (Rundle, Hermitage, Rivervalley, Elk Island and so many more). 

Have a Costco hot dog lunch.
I know this might be the BEST idea ever. Grab your $1.50 hotdogs, a blanket and have a picnic date.

Watch the sunset and go stargazing together.
One of my favorite memories is sitting on top of my SUV, blizzards in hand watching the sun set over the city.

Have a beach or lake day.
We in Canada are so fortunate to have so many lakes to explore, so make a day out of it. If you are YEG local - Pigeon lake, Alberta Beach, Mons Lake, Buffalo lake, Sylvan and so many more.

Go for a walk.
Make ice coffee (or grand coffee) and for a long walk. We love going to parks but also  walks though the neighbourhood and "window" shop for houses,

Grab ice-cream at a near by ice-cream shop.

Have a movie night outside.
You can go to a drive in move theater but if you don't have access to one, you can just make one. Laptop, projector screen and a backyard. Laptop, bunch of pillows and blankets and cab of a truck. Pillows, blankets, popcorn and laptop on a balcony - most of these cost close to nothing but a fun way to watch a movie and cuddlee.

Check out a new coffee shop each Sunday.
Doesn't have to be Sunday but explore a new coffee shop every week - grab coffee and chit chat.

Workout together.
Go for a run, make a workout course in a park, do yoga, run the stairs.

Go for a hike.
Depending on where you live, you might be close to mountains, but if you are in a city with lots of park do a "city park hike".

Grab your significant other, your go-to summer outfit, and make this the Summer of your life (on a budget of course)!