How to Make a $100 Extra a Week

Monday, May 8, 2023

Recently, I ventured into YouTube, mostly focusing on documenting my outfits, but originally I did it because I have been toying with the idea of sharing posts about how to make more money. I was a little gun shy because I don't love the sounds of my voice but I did it - I made ONE video and when it didn't do well kind of fell BUT I am back.

The series will focus on how to make a $100 a week by doing different side hustles (or jobs) - I will be sharing it here as well as on YouTube. 

The reason I wanted to do this is because everything costs more but our wages are NOT reflecting the increase in all things... eggs are like $10 now so we need to try something to combat increased cost of, well everything. Most of the ideas I would be sharing will be things that do not take a lot of effort, but that hopefully would yield a return of $100/week. 

This post will serve as our master list of ideas and linked posts - I will post a new way to try and make money twice a month (second and fourth Monday of the month). So here are few ideas (posts to come)...

Reselling apps.


Digital planners.

Affiliate marketing. 


Print on demand.

UGC Content creation.

Focus groups.

Get Paid on Fiverr.

Food delivery.



Content creator.

Social media management.

Sell on amazon.



Playing games.


Online store

and more ...

Stick around!