Pregnancy Must Haves - To Make Your Everyday Life Easier

Tuesday, September 19, 2023

There is so much information about what you will need while pregnant, I personally found it very overwhelming. Here are the things I bought and would highly recommend:

Pregnancy Pillow
This things is a game changer, I would recommend getting one just for sleeping even if you are not pregnant. Its super soft and comfy easy to wash. I picked up this one and love it.

This Jumpsuit
At this point comfort is everything and this jumpsuit is comfy, it fits great and has a lot of stretch still in it. The back is little low but since we are going into colder months I will be layering it with sweaters and jackets. It also comes in 3 colors and is currently on sale. 

I was fortunate enough to have very few symptoms but I did get headaches so this thing was a game changer. It's so pretty, easy to use, works very well, soft and comfortable.

I needed something that would be long enough so I can wear it with my pre maternity clothes. 

This was not a physical purchase but ovia pregnancy's app has been great - weekly updates, ability to track medication, appointments etc.

Lightweight, non-greasy and has hopefully will help with not getting stretchmarks. I love this moisturizer, my belly doesn’t feel tight or itchy and it's scent free.