Saving Money by Making Extra Money

Monday, October 2, 2023

Saving money seems more important than ever, so maybe looking at it differently is something to try this season, like saving money by making some extra cash. There is a ton of ways to make extra money, especially only but here are few that are simple and easy to start:

Sell Sell Sell
Selling what you don’t need anymore, can make you some easy cash. Sometimes we all buy things that we don't actually don’t need or we picked them up because they are on sale. Those items can easily be sold on a second-hand sales website or at a local market place, or garage sales. Market place is sometimes a pain with al the "is this available" but most of us (well many) spend a ton of time online anyways so answering those questions is not hard, and few bucks here and few bucks there make a difference.

Sell your strengths 
Are you good at making shirts? Books? Earrings? Good at coding things? You can pretty much sell any products online. If you are creative and especially if you have a circut you can sell shirts or bags. If you are good at making earrings or jewelry you can sell it on Etsy or market place or even social media. If you are good at creating notebooks or journals, you can sell them on amazon KDP or Etsy. If you are good at coding you can offer your services via Fiverr or create blogger or workspace templates you can sell online.  

Become a UGC creator
a UGC creator is a content creator (as the name says it) who “specializes” in creating content that looks user-generated, personal, authentic, and unique to that person's style – but of course, it's sponsored (paid by a brand/company). So if you are good with social media and creative you can make money creating content for brands and get paid of it. 

Sell Stock Photos Online
Most of us have pretty good cameras on our phones or if photography is your hobby, you can turn it into a cash-making business. Sites like Shutterstock, Deposit Photos, Getty Images and iStockPhoto allow you to upload your photos and sell them for money.

You can use the money you made towards a savings account, pay your debts down or anything you would like.