A Fresh, Mindful Approach to Goal Setting

Thursday, January 4, 2024

Happy New Year!! Hoping that 2024 brings us all health, happiness and abundance. After last year, this year I am committed to making an effort to be more mindful. From how I approach life, self care, and more specifically goal-setting and focusing on things I am thankful for.

Sometimes in November, every Monday morning I started writing down three goals or things I want to accomplish and three things I'm grateful for. I wrote these in my day timer and the whole thing took no longer than five minutes but helped me to visualize and arrange the week ahead. I found that this helped me feel better and that not everything is crazy and out of control. However my agenda was not so conducive to this, so I created one that is – think of it as 5 minute journal within a day timer. 

While you can you sticky notes, your day timer, a simple note book - goal setting for the week and writing down at least 3 things you are grateful every week will help enormously. For one, it will help keep you organized, but more importantly put into focus the good things. Sure, those things are small sometimes but small victories are just as important. 

How do you goal set?