DIY : jewelry organizer

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

I always try and find new ways to organize things. I own so much jewelry that somehow seem to be all over the place. I tired jewelry boxes, racks & nothing worked. This is until I spend numerous hours at Pinterest just browsing ( you know how it is..). I saw someone using a very similar board organizing pictures & lists.. then it hit me. I can organize my jewelry by using the same board. This way I can organize & see it all.. which might entice me to use it more then when its sitting in boxes.

I bought curtain hangers at the Dollar Store to organize bracelets and rings.
The board cost me $9.99 at Michael s and $1.00 on the hooks. The entire project cost me less then $12.

Since I did this is filled it more and I am actually using all my jewelry more.

How do you keep yourself organized.