5 things: Summer to-do list

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Since summer's now in full swing… sort of, its raining today, I put together my to-do list for the season, filled with five things I'd love to accomplish before September long weekend:

1)         Learn how to drive standard. I go to Europe each year and have a horrible time finding a rental that is automatic. This time before I go, I plan on learning how to drive a stick.
2)         start & Finish my first short book. I m about half way there, I plan to have this done by 2015… wish me luck.
3)         Learn how to braid hair. I completely suck at this and braids are so pretty.
4) Learn how to make sushi. My addiction to food is well documents on the blog, I would love to master making sushi.
5)         Go to a yoga retreat. I love yoga, I am not very good at it but I love to practice. I would love to do a week yoga retreat, just to relax.

What are you plans this summer? Do you have anything special planned?