Happy Would Cup...

Thursday, June 12, 2014

Today is the day soccer fans from all over the world have been waiting for. FIFA World Cup kicks off today, with a match between hosting country team, Brazil vs. Croatia. If you follow soccer, or football as us from Europe call it, this kicks off a start to a very exciting month; a month where nations and people stand united like no other time. 
If you were fortunate enough to make it to Brazil, you are about to have an experience of a life time.... Aside from all the parties, places filled with people primarily wearing soccer jerseys and caring flags, you are about to witness some of the most amazing talent in soccer and what promises to be amazing matches. 

For defending champion Spain the pressure is on, but it's countries like Bosnia who are making their FIRST World Cup appearance that this is a chance of a life time. I am Bosnian, so this brings me extra joy and happiness that cant be put into words. I've been wearing my jersey most days, I have actually tried to incorporate it into my work wardrobe,  and can barely hide my excitement for what next month is about to bring.

Even if you are not a huge fan of soccer, here are some reasons of why you should defiantly watch FIFA world cup unfold:
1) Soccer fans make the best drinking buddies. Imagine best party you even been to with most interesting people ... now times that by two and you get a football world cup party. Any reason to gather in local pub and meet some people is a good reason.

2) FIFA World cup give you an excuse to "take" extended lunches and meeting.. you have to support you team and watch the games... Right?

3) World Cup commercials ROCK. Just check out YouTube. How can you not love soccer. J-lo and PitBull also have videos in order to support the world cup... Sexy, that is all I have to say!

4)  & just in case I wasn't convincing enough, I give you few more hot reasons to watch the World Cup 
Sejad Salihovic, Bosnia and Herzegovina
Ronaldo , Portugal
 Olivier Giroud, France
Roque Santa Cruz, Paraguayan

 Iker Cassilas, Spain
Asmir Begovic, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Happy Soccer Days :)


  1. you make a song argument... you have me convinced (God, why are they all so HOT)

    Sonia xo

  2. I agree with Sonia!!! amm WOW