Swimsuit dilemma

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

What kind of swimsuit do you wear? I've worn the same pink & white Victoria Secret, a two-piece; mostly out of habit, for my entire adult life, but it just sold out. I ordered what the site promised to be the same swimsuit, only to recieve it a week latter and it does NOT fit the same.

After nearly 10 years, of wearing the same swimsuit I need something new! I called customer service, they said they didn't know if they will ever carry the old style again or get it back in stock. So, now I'm officially on the hunt for a new suit.

I am very tall, and I would love to actually like to try a one-piece... I just cant seem to find one that fits comfortably. Some of the one piece swimsuits are so elegant and flattering, don't you think? I do worry about getting a fanny tan from walking around in a one piece swimsuit all day?

How awesome is this swimsuit?

I looked at some 2014 Trends, and while they might be amazing for the runway, I fail to see how aside from Vegas pool parties I would use some of those on day to day hanging out at the beach.

What do you wear? Do you prefer a brand? Style? Where do you shop for your swim wear???  What would you recommend??