How to get that dream job...

Thursday, August 6, 2015

Last week we talked about Dressing for success, but lets back track now... we have to get the job first. I've had to sit through some pretty hard interviews... anything from one on one interview to a panel interview. They are all equally hard but here is few tips that will make the process just a little bit easier.

1) Research. Google the company, research the position, company structure. If you are moving up within the company you already work for look up the people who are interviewing you. Know the ins and outs of your new position.

2) Pick your clothes; pick TWO outfits; try it on night before and have it ready to go. Accidents happen... you spill coffee, your shirt wrinkles, you get pen on your shirt. No need to worry. You got this! Quickly change and you are ready to go.

3) Review your resume and you application. (Organize your portfolio, etc) You wanna have the answer to simple questions concerning your previous experience and skills. Pack your resume, cover letter, portfolio etc in a nice folder. Even if they have all that info already. You go in prepared. Always.

4) Prepare some questions you can ask the interviewers. Bring a note pad and a pen.

5) Plan to arrive at least 15 to 30 minutes early. Give yourself enough time to get there early, collect yourself and put yourself together before you go in.

6) Remember not to panic and that you got this. You are half way in; they wouldn't of interview you if they weren't considering you. Answer all questions honestly and truthfully.


  1. :9 this is great. I would never think to pack two outfits and I am complete clutz.

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