Travel Essentials with Evian

Wednesday, October 7, 2015

I travel often and get asked what I pack and what are some of the essentials I bring with me. I am a serious over packer for any trip that will last longer than 3 days. I have been working on that though. The last trip I took I managed to pack everything into a carry on size bag and my purse. Yes, the trip was for only 5 days but that is progress… right? Regardless how many shoes I pack, there are a few things that are a must have on every trip I take.

Here are some essential that are in my purse during any trip:

Lip balm: A moisturizing lip balm is necessary and I re-apply frequently during travel. It makes a huge difference when you are arriving to your destination not having dry and chapped lips.

iPhone + iPad: Music is everything so having headphones and access to hours of music is fundamental to happy trails. I use Kobo read on my iPad which helps pass the time and saves space not having to bring heavy books. PS - don't forget your chargers!

Gum & Granola bars: I am hungry all the time. 

Evian Spray: Especially on airplanes my skin gets so dry and blotchy. Travelling without make up is recommended but this spray helps your skin feel hydrated and smooth. The Evian Spay is approved size to take on planes but it comes in handy on day-to-day basis too.

What are your trip essentials? What can't you travel without?

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