Today I am old.

Monday, November 9, 2015

Today I am officially old. Yesterday was my 29th birthday and today I woke up and realized how scarily close I am getting to 30. With breakfast in bed and my new favourite Bosnian radio station I was reminiscing about life, how differently I would do things and what I learned over last quarter plus some century.

Tell your parents I love you and thank you. Even when you are mad or whatever; your family, especially your parents are gonna be there for you regardless of anything. People who always got your back and love you unconditionally need to recognized.

Invest in good bed sheets and pillows. You are now an adult. You need quality bedding.

Less is more. Whether it's clothes, shoes, acquaintances, miss matched dishes... ditch all those excess things. There is something to be said about cutting the "fat" and moving on.

Try new things. I wrote before about doing one thing that scares you every day, but it's more than that. Date a type of person you never dated before, try new food, go on many dates, kiss like its 1998 and you are in high school- do things that are out of norm to you. It makes you a well rounded person.

Apologize. By age of 29 you will need to accept that you are wrong and say sorry. You are too old not to.

Start working out. Not because you need to be/stay skinny or fit but because it keeps you healthier and stronger.

Invest in retirement. I know you are sitting there saying "but I am not even 30" but guess what? Thirty showed up here super fast don't you think your sixtieth birthday won't do the same thing? 10% of what your gross income isn't a lot but over the next 30 years it will set you up... Or at least set you in the right direction.

Travel. Memories and new experiences are always gonna be worth more than anything else you can buy.

Buy: quality make up;  good wine to have in stock at all time; clarasonic; vibrator. 
Just trust me on these.

What are some things you would do differently or things your learned?