Band of the Month: The Pretty Reckless

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Now who knew that our beloved Cindy Lou Who would turn into one of our favourites from Gossip Girl:

And then from our wonderful Jenny to one of the RADDEST rocker chicks in AGES:

The Pretty Reckless quickly rose to one of my most played bands. Taylor Momsen has this sexy voice laced in gravel. And the majority of the music on her albums is harder rock - not bubblegum rock that you might expect from Cindy Lou Who. The running theme with many of their tunes seems to be a rebellion against God which won't be everyone's cup of tea. But there is so much gold from this band it's totally worth a listen.

Check out the Heaven Knows video - one of the singles from the Going To Hell Album.

I would LOVE to see this band live - they played in Nashville with Halestorm opening and I was actually depressed that I couldn't go. Sometimes being Canadian sucks.

Let me know what you think of the adorable Cindy Lou Who who has transformed into such a badass rocker! 


  1. The Pretty Reckless is actually one of my favorite bands, mainly because Taylor Momsen's voice is amazing. The first time I saw her was on Spy Kids 2, lol. Then, I discovered her band. Then, I watched Gossip Girl. It's definitely startling how different her acting persona is from her singing persona. Either way, Taylor Momsen is great!


    1. I agree. She is awesome - Crazy to think it is the same person

      xo Nermisa