Music of the Month: Scott Weiland

Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Another life lost too soon. Another gifted musician.
Regardless of the roller coaster of a life this man lived - which he did - his contribution to the world of music was epic and will last. 
Stone Temple Pilots started pumping out the hits in the early 90's when the grunge scene was in the midst of greatness. STP being among the best of the genre, won me over with Plush and Interstate Love Song
Scott was also the lead singer of super group Velvet Revolver. And super group they were. Big personalities from big bands creating huge hits proved challenging but they managed for a while. They busted out some wicked tracks and made a name for sure.
He pushed out a couple of solo albums too - one being a Christmas album. He was touring with his most recent band The Wildabouts, when he passed away on his tour bus on December 3. 
Sex, drugs, rock and roll certainly took this man on a ride. You can read about some of it in his memoir: Not Dead and Not for Sale.
I saw this video on a tribute to Scott Weiland the other day and was drawn right in, maybe you'll enjoy it too.