Top 5 Winter Date Night Ideas

Monday, December 21, 2015

I hate snow and being cold! I know what you're thinking "You live in Canada!" I may complain about being cold a lot and I mean a lot but I really do love living here.  I will admit after the first snowfall when everything is covered in a white blanket it looks so pretty and downright magical. Just make sure you enjoy the view from the window and under a warm blanket. So since we have Winter for the better part of the year here, I thought I would share some  Winter date night ideas.

1. Skating
I know this one is cliché and everyone does it but you can make this so romantic. Take advantage of the weather and find an outdoor rink or find a pond (one you know is reliably solid!) and pack a little hot chocolate or coffee with Baileys and a blanket and turn it into a private picnic for two.

2. Make Gingerbread Houses

If you prefer to stay in, this is a great way to spend quality time together. You can either buy a kit or bake your own gingerbread house see a recipe here. Plus the sweets! Yummy! One for the gingerbread house, one for me or maybe two for me!

3. Sleigh Ride/ Horse Drawn Carriage

So provided you are not allergic to horses (aka you don't go red and puffy) this is def a romantic date! Unfortunately for me I am allergic so I have not done this, but I see it in movies and I am envious. You and your significant other wrapped under a blanket being driven under the stars, picture perfect!

4. Sledding/ Tobogganing

This is a cheap date night idea that you can do pretty much anywhere, well one requirement is a hill. Oh, and something to slide down the hill with. You can use anything from a crazy carpet which is just a long hard piece of plastic to a solid wood toboggan, to a big rubber tube. Whatever you decide to use just make sure to have fun and don't get injured.

5. Ice Sculpture/ Winter Festivals

Winter festivals are something you can find in pretty much every city that is cold and has snow. They may have different names but they all have the same premise. Here in Edmonton we have Ice on Whyte you can google your city to find your festivals. If you find that there are none in your city there maybe one in a city close by so take advantage and turn it into a day trip!
What are your favourite Winter date ideas? Let me know how your date went!