Last Minute Gift Ideas!

Thursday, December 17, 2015

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You know those people who have their holiday shopping done in September? Ya, they blow my mind too. I just started shopping . . . today. It's a problem. Now there isn't a quick fix for all the people on your list but I do have some last minute ideas for a few of them! 

Booze: Almost always the answer. Many people seem to love the wine. The prices start at $10 and go to the top of any budget. Or hard liquers are good too. A good scotch maybe? 

Gift Cards: You know what is hard to pick out for many people? Books, music, movies, make up. How are we supposed to know what they already have? We aren't. A gift card for any of these things is GREAT. 

Subscription: Magazine, Netflix, Wine of the Month, Make Up, lottery tickets. There is actually something for everyone.

Coffee/Tea: Coffee comes in many forms ... beans, grinds, candy, ice cream. Just make sure they have a grinder if you are going to get them beans (all true coffee lovers have one). Or tea is good too. Tea bags, tea leaves, tea leave reading. 
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Tickets: To the movies, to a concert, to the ballet, to a play, to the art gallery, to a museum. So many places we don't think of going until someone either takes us to or gives us the idea with admission. 

What are your best last minute gift ideas?