Best Books to Read on Vacation: Cuba Edition

Thursday, January 28, 2016

One of my favourite things to pack on vacation: books. There is actual excitement when trying to plan and pick which books actually make it into the suitcase. This process doesn't thrill everyone though, so here's a final list of titles that you might want to use for your next trip. 

Even Dogs Into The Wild by Ian Rankin
This book made the list for a few reasons. First, it was a gift. Second, it's a detective novel which is not a genre I typically read. Third, this author is a number one bestseller with a plethora of other titles to choose from if the book rocks. 

Front Lines by Michael Grant
This is the first of a trilogy, where they go back in history to World War 2. But this story has reimagined the girls fighting alongside the boys. 

The Dirt on Ninth Grave by Darynda Jones
This is the newest release in the Charley Davidson series that made the Book of the Month post recently.  I might be able to catch up in time to read this one as well!
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Monster Hunter International by Larry Correia
I've been meaning to try this series out for a while now. Clearly we love series - when they are good. It's like a season of TV. Title pretty much explains what it's about and what the genre is going to be. Monster hunting. Excellent.
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World War Z: The Oral History of the Zombie War By Max Brooks
This is a book and a movie, but the version that's on my "must read list" is the audiobook. Apparently the narration of this story is pretty great and there are a ton of great actors involved. This is interviews from people and their account of the zombie war and their different versions. The only audiobook that I truly loved was Kevin Smith's book but I'm willing to give it a try!