Beauty Favorites: Mascara

Friday, February 19, 2016

Recently, I was trying to find something in a group chat on what's app with Amy and Zahra and it donned on me how many times we talk about beauty products we love or hate. Seeing what other people love and products they wear is fascinating, this is how I found half the products I now swear by.  Each month, Letters to LA LA Land team will share our favorite products and we would love to hear what products you love or don't love.

To kick things off this series, we are talking about our favorite mascaras.

Many women, three of us included, rarely leave the house with bare lashes. The mascara pulls together your entire look in a few seconds.  However, there are so many options to give a final touch to your eye look from waterproof to volumizing or lengthening. How do you pick? Here are the ones we keep going back to:
I’ve been on the Gosh line for a little while – I like that they are middle priced, they have a fun name, and have a great assortment of brushes. They have a length and volume combo which I liked.

Currently, I don’t have one I absolutely love. I do like the tarte one but I’d have to buy it again and try it out to be sure as my last one was a sample size. Also I want to find one with more natural ingredients so I’m on a mission.

I have tried more mascaras than most people I know. I recently started using less mascara during the work day thanks to Reviv Lash but I wear this Giorgio Armani mascara on days I do put mascara on for work; I like that its not heavy but gives me volume. I swear by Younique's Moodstruck3D mascara for all other times; its give me a fake lash look without clumping or being too heavy. 
What mascara do you use? Any we should try?