How to decorate a small place

Thursday, February 18, 2016

Recently I downsized from a house to a condo; not only was my livable space cut down to 742 sq ft, but my storage space was eliminated almost completely.  Enter the need to decorate and store as effectively as possible.

Here's my top tips for making your small place look bigger!

Mirror, mirror on the wall: A well placed and chosen mirror can make any space seem larger and brighter. Reflecting natural light, giving the illusion of another window, or having a beautiful frame can all enhance a wall.

Storage Bed: Under the bed storage, without worrying about dust and random mess! Ideal for additional bedding, holiday decorations, camping gear, snowboarding  (or other seasonal items).

Folding Table with Storage: Awesome for tiny or non-existent eating areas. There are days when eating at the island or on the couch just doesn't work and this table expands to seat a few guests. When it's not in use, works great for a nice center piece  (candles and bamboo with a sweet little frame for example). (Shop: here or here)
Curtains: The right color, texture, and length can add dimension and energy to any room. There are so many options, in so many prices ranges, that if you can only choose one thing to start with, curtains is a must! (shop here: double rod, curtains)