Book of the Month: Ugly Love by Colleen Hoover

Wednesday, February 3, 2016

When in Cuba, I managed to read two  and a little bit of a third book. None of which were my intended book reads for reasons beyond my control. Remind me later to rave about the positives of actual books versus e-books. This book I ended up reading because it was saved on my e-reader and it was a super light read. During our 2 hour delay and the almost 6 hour flight, the minutes flew by as I was sucked straight into this chick lit treat.
Although Hoover loves her formula: boy and girl bond over some type of loss which causes one or both to be a little broken; she does it well enough to keep my attention, have me fall in love with one or both main characters, and possibly shed a tear or two. Blink and the book is almost done, along with hours of time.
Perfect for a quick and fun read and escape from reality. Kept my mind off the fact that my vacation was starting two hours behind schedule which was awesome!

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  1. Downloading it as we speak!! Love me a good chick lit!!!