Apps We Can't Live Without

Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Many of us have had the dreaded message box pop up forbidding any new downloads. Now comes the hard part - what gets moved to the memory card or deleted to make room? After many taxing days (minutes) of contemplation - some apps and photos and songs were moved.

It's always interesting to see which ones always survive the uninstall button. Here's the apps that made it through this round of 'You are the weakest app, Good Bye".

Google Play Music - The only thing that could have made Google Play Music better was having it be as awesome as Songza - or take it over, which is exactly what happened! You can house up to 25GB in your library, which can be brought from places other than just Google. You can stream and download straight from Google Play Music, create tons of playlists, share and listen to other playlists, and stream tons of "radio stations". For the price of one album, it's unlimited tunes and listening.

Instagram - It's not all pictures of what your neighbour ate for breakfast and your Grandma's Sister's cat. There are stunning pictures from all over the world, art work in so many formats, you can stalk your favourite celebs, and post 100 or 0 selfies.

Snapchat - This app is a win across the board! Full on conversations can be had accompanied with a picture. You can draw, you can type, you can become a dog (why this one is so popular escapes me). There are new filters to try most days and they keep adding new little things to keep you interested.

Pinterest - The amount of hours that completely vanished into Pinterest land can't even be counted. This site isn't all cooking and crafting. Although that's totally on there. It's fashion, makeup, hairstyles, motorcycles, books, music, travel. This list could go on. There's no requirement to make a board or actually pin anything; once you start browsing you just might want to.

What apps can't you live without? Any that we left out?