Top 5 Tutorials for Curling Hair

Tuesday, March 22, 2016

c/o Elvisa Omerovic
Hair can be a tricky business, some girls are really great at figuring out how to style it and take care of it. I unfortunately am not one of those girls, but have no fear there are some great tutorials out there that can make you a pro in no time. With a little bit of practice of course, and as you know practice makes perfect. Below is a list of tutorials I tried and found easy to follow and they work. 

MakeUpByCamila2 - Camila Coelho has a lot of tutorials and her own youtube channel.  The tutorial that I tried is the Loose Curls tutorial which uses a curling iron. She started with a Portuguese channel and now has an English channel. While she has other hair tutorials, I found this technique easy to follow especially for a beginner.

Fancy Hair - Niki has a hair obsession, which is great for me because she has a great tutorial for curling hair. While this one uses a flat iron to create curls, I like this tutorial because she shows 3 different techniques one using tin foil, which I would have never thought to use. She also shows how to frame your face. Find the tutorial here.

Carli Bybel - This tutorial uses a hair wand so if you don't own a straightner but you have a wand then check out this tutorial here. She shows you how to get old Hollywood Glam Curls; it's an easy to follow tutorial without a lot of steps, the only tricky part is using your opposite hand to curl the other side. I love the look of these curls, they're big and sexy and easy to achieve once you practice a bit.

Rachelleea - Rachel is an Australian YouTuber who has a great tutorial for beginners. Her instructions are easy to follow and she has a great method for doing both sides of the hair that doesn't have you needing to be ambidextrous. With this tutorial you get great effortless curls using a flat iron and it takes no time at all.

Emily Liu - If you are like me and would rather press snooze another 5 more times rather than get up and do your hair then this tutorial is for you. This tutorial shows you how to get your curls the night before with no heat required. I love this tutorial because it's fast, it's easy and at the end of it you get to go to sleep. Or if you are going out on the town, go take a nap and let your hair get done while you nap. Click here for the tutorial.

c/o Stephanie Topliss

What tool do you use to curl your hair? Any suggestions for techniques to try out?