Book of the Month: Front Lines By Michael Grant

Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Front Lines (Soldier Girl, #1)

Front Lines was added to my list of must reads when looking for books to add to my shelf and I'm super happy it did.  SO GOOD. 

Although I was drawn in immediately based on the story being from the view of girl soldiers during WW2, there was some uncertainty because war stories aren't my usual genre. 

Grant tells the story from the point of view of three girls: Rio, Frangie, and Rainy. He does a great job building their characters and allowing the reader to connect with each girl. None of these characters have any relation or connection to each other - in the beginning.  Slowly, as the book progresses, Grant starts to interlock these girls. 

This book is great for many readers, as the girls are completely different and fairly young. Grant takes us into the experience of the war from the POV of each girl as well as their relationships with everyone around them. 

This book had me at the title and kept me to the very last word. For more about the book here is a review. Cannot wait for the next one in the trilogy to come out! We'll be sure to let you know how that one is too! 

Have you read this book? How was it? Do you want to read it now?