5 Affordable Online Courses You Should Take to Boost Your Blog and Career

Thursday, April 21, 2016

I am strong believer that you should continually learn new things, consistently work to improve your skills and get a little better every day. Not all learning is in a formal capacity, some things you learn by doing, others by talking to people but as long as you are learning that's what matters.
Classes can be expensive and time consuming so we found five online classes that can help you, your blog and career grow, all while not speeding a lot of money:

Social Media Superhero, $37
Social Media is everything now days and it not going anywhere.

The Photography Starter Kit for Beginners, $49
This not only great for blogger who take pictures every day, but for everyone who want to take better photos.

Become a Better Blogger: Content Planning, $14
This video class is offered via SkillShare and is a great for anyone who is trying to juggle a full time job, blogging and keeping any sort of a social life. While many things you ll know, they share few tips and tricks that can make your life easier.

Programming for Everyone, Free
One this I wish I knew more when I started blogging was programming/editing/html/coding- this class is a good start for this.

Become a More Effective Manager, $105
This class is part of a four class sequence but if you have anyone reporting to you, or looking to get into a leadership role this is a great resource.

Have you take any of these classes? What do you guys think?


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    1. Thanks so sharing. I love new resources.

      Thank you for reading

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