30 Day Yoga Challenge: Accepted and Completed

Thursday, May 26, 2016

Nermisa has been on me for years, literally years, to do a 30 Day Hot Yoga challenge. Two things usually got in the way: time and money. This time the stars aligned and we did it!
The first morning was referenced in a previous recap where I didn't actually speak, mostly just grumbled about. Have we mentioned that I'm not a morning person? Slight understatement. That was my first and last 6 am class, but still made it to 29 more classes in 28 days.

There were some days that I bounced into class ready to attack those Downward Dogs and Warrior poses. Other days I flopped into Savasana and had to fight to get out of it. Sometimes my schedule wouldn't allow for a class that day and I would have to do a double. Enter water chugging (and spilling down my chin) and energy bar chomping in the car on the way to the studio.
The doubles usually included a Moksha class followed by Hot Yin. The Yin class challenges my ability to stay focused in a very quiet and SLOW environment while Moksha challenges my ability to hold a pose. My attention issues made Yin far more difficult that I had ever expected. On a good day sitting still for more than 1 minute requires mental preparation; sitting in a pose for three minutes at a time was something else. Although my body thanked me later to be sure.

One time we stumbled into a different kind of class that attacked inversion poses. Let's just say trying to balance elbows on  knees while tipping forward in a squat . . . can cause face plant city and laughter to erupt. No lie - we got shushed. Whoops.

Although I didn't see a massive difference in my body, I felt it. I feel stronger, more flexible and more relaxed. Total success in my books. Checked it off the ol' list - because I'll never do it again. There's only three things I need to do every single day: eat, sleep, and love.

Have you tried a challenge? Share your experience with us!

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