What Tinder Taught Me About Dating

Tuesday, May 31, 2016

We have all heard about Tinder and that it is evil. I am single and not the biggest fan of dating, but one day I decided to say sorry to the giant pile of paper on my desk and looming deadlines,  take a two hour break and check this thing out. For anyone who doesn’t yet know, Tinder is basically a location-based app that pulls info from your Facebook to create your profile, and then pulls up matches that meet your criteria. Then you swipe right for people you like and left for those you don't. If the people you swiped right on swipe right you get a match and can chat.
I was a little worried about the whole 1KM away from you... that's scary considering we could be in the same office building. You never know what crazies are out there! (Dramatic much? right??) 

Here are few things I learned about dating on tinder:
Dating is awkward. Even on the app. There is no good/smooth/cool way to start a conversation.

If there are two (or more) guys in the picture, the least good looking one is the one whose profile it is.

If you go on (tinder) thinking you don't have a type, you are wrong. You spend a lot of time swiping left based on the fact he doesn't have dark hair and light eyes.

Everyone will tell you four things: Kids in their pictures aren't theirs, how tall they are, that they love being outdoors and that they love to travel.

If his profile sounds too good do be true- it is.

Tinder might be marketed as a dating app BUT my experience tells me most people are on there for random hookups.

Dating on Tinder is very much like going on a blind date. Yes you talk to them, see their pictures but the fact their photos are from 5 years ago, is very deceiving.

Have you tried tinder? What was your experience?

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