Travel Diary: Cuba

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Cuba made me fall in love. Not with a person (However, if Denis and his moves wanna give me a call I wouldn't be opposed to that!), Cuba made me fall in love with life. All inclusive holidays are generally happy but Cuba was much more. It was alive, bright and exuded happiness. There is something about going to a third world country that is so powerful. It makes you appreciate things you have a whole lot more. This trip solidified one thing for me, making most of what you have and doing so happily is worth more than anything. And that makes me HAPPY.
Things to do and places to see:
Varadero Beaches - We stayed at Memories Varadero and the beach was breathtaking. You could walk for an hour and not be able to take all the beauty in.

Havana (Habana) -  Havana is Cuba’s colorful capital, known for its architecture of 16th-century Old Havana. The colorful buildings surround tiny streets and alleys that are filled with sounds of music, restaurants, old cars, and beautiful people.

Laguna De Maya - Best place for snorkeling; this place is located off a highway in Coral beach and it's breathtaking.

Saturno Cave - Surreal Cave with a natural pool that goes as 22 meters deep. There is a gift shop and a bar and from where you take a short walk down the stairs to the refreshing pool. This place is great for diving.

 Canimar river -  There is a beautiful nature park along the Canimar River. You can rent a boat and speed down the river. There is a show and they serve what might be the best lobster ever.
Catamaran Cruise - Our resort offered free mini catamaran ride out to deeper water. Most places you can pay $20CUC's and they will take you snorkeling (with gear provided) for an hour. Varadero is known for its big day trip Catamaran Cruises where you get to visit different islands and go swimming with the dolphins.

Havana Club -  Located down town Varadero this club is the place to be if you wanna go dancing. The DJ's play a mix of Spanish, Top 40, and EDM through the night. Drinks are fairly inexpensive and with cover you get one free drink.

Have you been to Cuba? What is your favorite part?