Tv/Movies- Top Summer Movies of 2016 Part 2

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Since there are so many great movies coming out this summer, I decided to not only shake things up by giving you more than my Top 5. But also giving you a part 2 of the best movies this summer. You can check out Part 1,  by hitting the link, in case you missed it.
Mike & Dave Need Wedding Dates- So most people probably see this trailer and think OMG Zac Efron is in this. My first thought OMG Anna Kendrick is in this! I LOVE HER! Like LOVE, LOVE. Anyway, please watch this trailer and go see this movie, it looks hysterical. And laughter is good for the soul, so make sure you check this out when it hits theaters on Friday July 8.

Star Trek Beyond- I am by no means a Trekky but I did watch the first two Star Trek movies and I loved them, now that may mostly be because of Chris Pine but I enjoyed them none the less. The trailer for this one looks really good, action packed as usual. I just hope all of my favourite characters make it out alive. Check out the third installment on Friday July 22.
The Infiltrator- This movie looks so good, if you watched Narcos on Netflix then you know who Pablo Escabar is. He is a notorious drug dealer for those who don't, this movie is about him and his operations in the US and the US government trying to bust the operation thru under cover detectives. Enter Bryan Cranston, he plays an undercover agent infiltrating the organization. Bryan Cranston is an amazing actor so I am really looking forward to watching this movie when it hits theatres Friday  July 15.
Ghostbusters - So this is a reboot to the franchise and what better way to do it then with an all female cast. They have brought together the best of the best female comedians. There's Melissa McCarthy, Kristen Wig, Kat McKinnon, and Leslie Jones (both from Saturday Night Live). The trailer is great it's really funny and if nothing else you can always go and check it out for Chris Hemsworth (best looking secretary I've ever seen!) This movie hits theatres on July 22.

Bad Moms - This movie is about 3 moms ( Mila Kunis, Kristen Bell and Kathryn Hahn) who are tired of being over -worked and under appreciated. The say that's it to the type A, PTA moms and just have fun and stop worrying about being perfect. Granted they make some bad choices but for all the moms out there with kids, this movie is for you! Feel free to live vicariously through these women. And for those of you without children, this shouldn't discourage you from having them because perfect is overrated! Check out this movie with your ladies when it hits theatres July 29.
Jason Bourne 4 - I am so excited that Matt Damon is back!! How they thought they could do a Bourne movie without him, I will never know. Let's just pretend that hot mess of a movie never happened. Sorry Jeremy Renner! So in this installment Jason Bourne remembers who he is, and tries to uncover hidden truths about his past. The trailer looks great I cannot wait till July 29 when the movie comes out!

Suicide Squad - So I will be completely honest, I had no idea what this movie was about apart from having a stacked cast. I just watched the trailer and I am hooked, I cannot wait for this to come out. It's basically a superhero movies but with villains as the heroes instead. Which lets be honest superheroes are boring, always predictable and always doing the right thing. This movie is about Villains trying to be good, you have to admit that is interesting because you know they are going to F shit up.  This movie hits theatres August 5 so check out the trailer and go see it.

War Dogs - I love movies based on true stories, I don't know why but maybe because the truth is usually better than fiction. You know the phrase "you can't make this shit up!" Anyway, this movie is just that two 20 something year old men win a $300 million dollar contract from the Pentagon to arm allies in Afghanistan. Let's just say a lot of shit happens! Watch the trailer and then check out this movie when it hits theatres August 19.

What movies will you be watching this Summer? Any that didn't make the list we should check out?